5 Make Up Mistakes Beginners Often Repeat

Makeup has taken over a new face in the fashion and glamour industry with the rise in the number of beauty bloggers.

Like any other art, there’s always so much to learn and improve in the whole makeup scenario. We have all made some of the other beauty blunders and through all our screw-ups, here’s a list of 5 common make-up mistakes by beginners and how to avoid them

No Skin Prep

Ladies make up is similar to the art of painting. The quality of the blank canvas is as important as your painting skills. Prepping your skin is extremely important before applying the makeup. Make sure you have rinsed your face thoroughly followed by a good quality moisturizer. Dry skin is the starter pack of all the make-up disasters.

Selection of Wrong Shade  

The most rookie makes up mistake that takes place even before you start applying the make-up is buying the wrong shade of foundation or the concealer. There are a lot of factors that come into the picture from the undertone to the complexion to the skin type and the coverage. Make sure you try the foundation/concealer on your neck before buying the same.

Skipping the Setting Step

No matter how good quality concealers and foundations you use, if you do not set your base using a setting powder, it is all going to melt off with time. Take any translucent powder and let it set your base for at least a minute before moving ahead towards the next step.

Highlighting and Contouring The Wrong Points

Every girl has different features, some might be problematic some might be flattering. When choosing to highlight and contour, a lot of girls end up highlighting the problematic areas of their faces. The best way out of this problem is to balance out the best features you want to highlight and the features you want to diminish. Know more about makeup tips on Cosmetics Arena.


Trying Too Hard

There is enough number of makeup products in the market today. The most common mistake beginners do is incorporating all of it at once. You might end up making your eyebrows too dark or patting the blush too much. The best way is to know a few tips of looking flattering like keeping the lips bold and eyes subtle and vice-versa.

Well! That’s all. Let us know if any of the tips helped you with your make-up journey!






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