A Few QR Code Generators

The average person gets hundreds of advertisements pushed in front of them per day and most people do not spend more than five seconds looking at any single ad or headline. This is why email marketing can be so effective.

The email address, domain, and subject header are your first line of action when it comes to bulk email and if you can captivate https://useposeidon.com/ the reader’s attention with this they will be much more prone to read the entire email and that is imperative if they are to become a new customer.

The time has come where the United States is implementing the technology and is doing it in a big way. I will assure you 2011 will be the year of QR and EZ Codes. If you don’t have one for your marketing you need to get one and start promoting it right away. The truth is you’re already late to the party, so get on before we move to the more desirable EZ codes. Actually I suggest you consider using EZ codes from ScanLife even though it comes with a price. If you have the budget and want to track your EZ code scans than ScanLife is the way to go. Imagine being able to track direct mail campaigns making it easier for consumers to take action instantly. As the technology improves one can only imagine the possibilities and opportunities.

Mobile marketing is the future in business and Internet mobile marketing will be the main platform. Even though we are a few years behind the eastern world we can still benefit in the marketing world as consumers become aware of this new mobile convenience. Everyone has their IPhones, Droids, and BlackBerrys and with a simple scan your business and contact information is instantly in this constant contact device. Implement this early and you could reap the rewards as a entrepreneur or business owner simply from the fascination factor as the rest of America becomes aware of these bar-codes know as QR codes or quick response codes.

A Few QR Code Generators: A little caveat here make sure you do your own research when selecting a generator because there are more and more generators popping up everyday, so you might find a gem I haven’t come across.

Kaywa: Probably the most popular right now and really simple to use. It only takes 5 seconds to create just lacks the tracking capabilities the trade off is it is simple and free.

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