Holiday Shipping Guide

The holiday season is upon us and with an ever increasing number of us either shopping online or not spending the holidays with our families because the economy has made the cost of travel prohibitive, shipping presents is becoming more and more prevalent. But what do you need to consider before clicking on that purchase or heading to the Post Office or other package store?

Know what needs to be there before the 25th and what can afford to arrive a few days later. There can be a lot that goes into this, such as the ages of the people receiving the presents – children will take priority over adults, if they’re part of a larger present – sending a helmet for a motorcycle that won’t be picked up until the 28th of December can kinda ruin the surprise, and the simple logistics – sometimes it just won’t get there on time because of things like distance and back-orders so there’s no point in trying to rush it out.

Cost vs Punctuality
If you’re ordering online there’s a good chance that you can get some free shipping thrown in, especially if you spend a certain dollar amount on the site. The chances are also pretty good that this free shipping will also be the slowest option available. If you need it to get there faster, expect to pay for it.

If you’re shipping via the United States Postal Service or other shipping service, the faster you want your package to get there, the more you’ll be paying. Because of this, there comes a point where you have to weight the cost versus the extra day or two of transit time the package will need to reach its destination. kantor ekspedisi Only you know where that line is, but it’s important to have it and know where it is so that you don’t overpay for shipping.

Too Big to Ship?
Yes, practically speaking you can ship just about anything. Realistically is a whole other argument. Depending on the size of the present you’re getting for that person in your life, it just might not be feasible to take it to the shipping office and send it out, which leaves you with two options: hold on to the present until you see the recipient in person, or order the item online and let them deal with the logistics of shipping a large item. This can help save you a headache and possibly even some money.

Plan Ahead
Whether you shop online or buy at a store, the most important part of ensuring that your holiday gifts arrive on time is to plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time. No matter what, remember to have a happy and safe holiday season with your friends and family.

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