Stay safe. But have fun

Anyway, if you manage to get lucky do not forget to use a condom. You may bring back more souvenirs than you had intended and getting a herpes outbreak on the second day of your seven day jungle trek will make your life ermmmm interesting 🙂 Make sure that the condoms still work. After being crammed into the bottom of your backpack in tropical protection climate for three months and thrown around on the back of pick-up trucks (pun intended) the condoms may not be in pristine condition and risk breaking. The local condoms may not have the same quality standards as the ones you can get at home.

Stay safe. But have fun 🙂


Take care with what you eat, having an upset stomach is one sure way to ruin your trip. There is an old saying: cook it, peel it, boil it or forget it. Avoid food which is uncooked or undercooked.

Make sure that the ice you consume is from purified water. Keep anti-diarrhoea pills and toilet paper handy (e.g. in your daypack). If you need a toilet you can find them in shopping malls, restaurants and large hotels (usually close to the lobby).

Avoid tap water, drink bottled water instead (there are exceptions though where the tap water is perfectly drinkable, check your guidebook). If you suspect that the bottle is refilled with tap water ask for it to be brought sealed to your table.

A trick that we have used is to take a small shot of Gammeldansk (herbal bitter) every night before you go to bed. The scientific value of this may be disputed, but it somehow seems to work.

Mosquitos and other annoying animals

Mosquitoes can be really annoying and they can also carry some dangerous diseases. To protect yourself you can use mosquito repellent, long sleeves and trousers, mosquito coil or a mosquito net in order to try to alleviate the situation. Spraying mosquito repellent on your shoes may also help you to avoid leeches. Mosquitoes are usually found in wet areas and at lower altitudes.


Beware of altitude sickness if you travel from a low altitude to a higher altitude, it can be quite dangerous. Give yourself enough time for altitude acclimatization.

If you are out in the jungle take a good look before squatting in the impromptu toilet – there are plenty of exotic animals who would love to have your behind for dinner.


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