With Rush Poker you do not have to worry, if participant does disconnect on the table of yours, you will basically need to wait the moment, since in a number of seconds you will both be whisked off to separate tables.

The Android version of the game is practically precisely the just like the standard version. You can play the very same pool of tables as players on the Mac or PC, at a complete range of stakes from $0.02/$0.05 fixed limit to $2/$four no limit, in both Texas Hold’em and Omaha. The interface is practically precisely the same, aside from the layout of the large buttons and there aren’t any checkboxes for pre actions.

Because of the tiny screen size the raise bar just seems 인싸홀덤 after clicking the raise button, though you become used to that really quick. Last but not least there’s no choice to create notes on players, but since that could be cumbersome and slow to work with on a mobile handset it is a function probably which most players most likely would not make use of anyway.

Since Rush Poker Mobile runs on Flash, just Android 2.2 devices are presently supported. Which includes HTC’s Desire, Sapphire and Evo, the Motorola Droid as well as Milestone, and the Samsung Galaxy S among others. Many tablets like the Advent Vega, Samsung Galaxy Tab and every one of the Archos range additionally run the program.

Overall the game plays very well on a mobile device. The interface is quite functional when you become used to the touch screen controls. While it is more or less not ideal, it does play perfectly and will be the best way to fill up some extra time on the train or perhaps throughout a coffee break. Let us hope this spurs several of the various other poker web sites to follow suit, and perhaps release

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